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Liquid Fluorescent brightener ABJ-L

Technical index:
1, Appearance: light yellow transparent Liquid
2, Intensity: 100%±2 of standard
3, pH value : 8-10.5
4, Density ( 20°C): 1.20g/cm3
5, Viscosity( 20°C): ≤80mPa.s
6, Solubility: soluble in water in any ratio

Suitable for the whitening of surface sizing and coating process of pulp; is best in surface sizing and coating.

Packing, storage and transportation:
25kg or 200kg plastic drum, or following your demands.
Kept in cool and dry place, avoid light, no mix with cationic compounds (such as aluminium sulphate, cation resin, etc.).
Shelf life 6 months.

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