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Fluorescent brightener 4BK

Technical index:
1, Appearance: light yellow even powder
2, Fineness(residue on 120um sieve): ≤5%
3, Moisture: ≤5%
4, Color light: slight blue

For the whitening and brightening of cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric; whitening of cotton blended fabric in one bath.

1, Suction dip: 
Dosage: 0.1 ~ 0.8% (owf) Bath ratio: 1: 10-30 temperature × time: 90-100 °C × 30-40min, washing, and drying. 
2, one bath of scouring + oxygen bleaching + Fluorescent whitening: 
3D之家 Dosage: 0.2% ~ 0.8% (owf) hydrogen peroxide: 5-15g/L Stabilizer: 1-5g/L NaOH: 2-4g/L Scouring agent: 0.5-1g/L Bath ratio: 1: 10-30 temperature × Time: 90-100 °C × 30-40min, washing, and drying.

Packing and storage :
25kg, 50kg plastic bag lined cardboard drum, Kept in cool and dry place, avoid light.

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