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Fluorescent brightener ER-2(CPS-D, PS)

Index of properties:

Appearance: light yellow dispersion liquid
Ionicity: non-ion
Main ingredients: stilbene derivatives
PH value : 7.5(1%Aq solution)
Light fastness: 5-6(On polyester fabric)


1. High temperature wax printing
Formula: Fluorescent brightener CPS-D 0.1-1.0% o.w.f dispersant: 0.5-2g/l Acetic acid PH=5-6
Method: 120-130°C x 30 minutes

2. Continuous pad dyeing:
Formula: Fluorescent brightener CPS-D1-10g/l Other additives : x g/l
Method: 175-190°C x 30-60 seconds

3. Bleaching whitening in one bath
Formula: Fluorescent brightener CPS-D 0.1-0.6% o.w.f Hydrogen peroxide (35%): 6ml/L Sodium hydroxide: 1g/l
Method: 96-98°C x 3 minutes Bath ratio: 1:10-20


25kg/50kg plastic drum or following your demands

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